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A lovely visit. Nice and relaxing atmosphere and loads of brilliantly interesting bits and bobs to look through. Definitely will pop in every time I pass.

I am a regular customer at GreenLight and am always struck by it's strong, supportive presence on the high street in terms of the way its staff welcome and comfort the local people. Clapham should be proud to have this shop.


Stumbled across this gem by mistake and am so happy to have done so. I'll be back for sure!

The energy in this shop is amazing! Love it!


I love to shop at GreenLight London because of good service from Anna and cheapness of goods.

Good to find somewhere so special in the middle of London.

My favourite charity shop around the Clapham and Brixton area! Very nice people and service, will be back!

Wandered into GreenLightLondon not knowing what to expect. I met Anna who was so helpful and intuitive to my needs. She offered wonderful and invaluable advice that I have not received anywhere else, despite paying for such a service.

Each time I am in Clapham North I love to visit Greenlight London. This shop is very unique and very special.

All my visits full fill me mentally and emotionally.

I am now a returning customer. Always find beautiful and unique items at affordable prices. The staff are always friendly, smiley and helpful. I always leave with a smile on my face, positive energy and a great bargain. A very rare, positive spot in Clapham - long may it remain.

What an amazing enterprise is. I engaged a passionate and life affirming conversation with Anna. I look forward to supporting this needed and overdue cause. Good luck and great future.

Having known the shop for a while, I have found good bargains here. There is always a good atmosphere here. Thank you Anna.

I thank god that I came in this shop today. I learnt some things that I did not know. I made a friend in this shop.

As a customer I enjoyed coming to this shop. The incense aroma, the fact it's a shop for charity and healing, new stuff on crystals, oils and a nice Italian called Anna. She is very energetic and likes to give a word to everybody.

Sandra is very intuitive, loving and caring. I feel very relaxed, I feel she knew what I needed without too much explanation and the reiki experience has left me feeling calm with a sense of wellbeing and looking forward to my bath! Would definitely recommend it! It took me a while but I definitely saw my soul for fleeting glimpses which was an immense experience. Sandra also gave my son (4 years) a mini session as part of a lovely 10min family session in between my sister and I. It had an immediate effect on him -

I guess children are just so much closer to heaven and in tune with their senses! He was so relaxed he was almost comatose. Wonderful experience.

My experience was calming, emotional and centred me. Because I was listened to, understood and given an experience that I needed as a result. Thank you!

Sandra in an hour has answered questions I've had for years, explained ailments I've had for years and moved me beyond them. I really connected to what she said, clearly and simply. My body feels de-stressed and energised. I cried tears I couldn't explain but it definitely was not sadness. I feel at ease. My headache has gone - result! I'll be back. Thank you Sandra and Anna.

Sinead is an incredible healer! I thoroughly recommend!

Fantastic to have somewhere you can switch off, destress and truly chill. The personal energy work is a bonus. Thank you! Feel like I can face the world now!

I had an amazing experience today with Nora and EFT. This has been my 3rd session today. My first 2 sessions have also been great strides (personal strides) through the help of EFt - very empowering and insightful.

My healing session with Sandra was exceptionally good. I felt a whole load of burden releasing from my body during the session. It also started bringing relaxation. After the session I felt light and rush of good feelings all over me. Thank you Sandra and I am coming back for the same again.

I have received huge help here through Anna's counsel, her meditation class as well as Nora's EFT session.

I found the healing very invigorating. Shenade has a relaxing voice and presence. I can't wait for my next session with her.

I had a really nice experience with reiki today. It was my first time so I learnt a lot. It also felt very nice. Thank you!!

I had a reading with Anna. She was very warm and embracing. She read with accuracy and clarity, she was on point and gave me information that has helped me tremendously over the last few months. I will be back...

My session with Shenade was really wonderful and hard to explain in words, but it made me at peace and serenity. P.S I might be back in the future.

I had an amazing session with Say. I feel relaxed and peaceful. Thank you!

I had a session with Anna, and it clarified many things for me. It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much!