Spiritual and Intuitive Counselling


Spiritual and intuitive counselling is an effective healing process that is also complementary to orthodox medicine.  It must not be considered as an alternative. When you are unwell, you need to get assistance from a qualified doctor; Spiritual healing will complement your treatment as the two work together to assist in your recovery.


When we mention healing of any sort, many people think immediately of making a person well due to a physical problem. This is true in part, but it is not the whole picture. The Spiritual nature of mankind is all of those parts that are non-physical such as mind, emotions and the “life force”. Spiritual Healing can be administered to a person of any religious denomination or none at all. Religion and Faith take no part in a Spiritual Healing session and will not be discussed with you. Remember that the purpose of your visit is to receive Spiritual Healing to help progress along the path of amelioration not to convert you to any religious beliefs.